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LINGUATEC: Development of cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer in language technologies.
(2018 - 2020)

The goal of the project is to develop, test and disseminate new innovative linguistic resources, tools and solutions for a better digitalization level of the Aragonian, Basque and Occitan languages. As a result, we will obtain, among others, (1) a road map of Aragonian Digitalization, (2) new monolingual and bilingual lexicons and morphosyntactic and syntactic analysers for Occitan, (3) a Northern Basque speech recognition system and several linguistic tools as well as (4) new innovative solutions for Aragonian, Basque and Occitan. These cross-border cooperation will allow the transfer of knowledge and to develop linguistic solutions with a potential market uptake, benefiting language professionals, easing access to multilingual contents, and fostering the development of a cross-border language tech cluster.
Organization:  Europako Batzordea
Main researcher: Kepa Sarasola
Itziar Aldabe, Iñaki Alegria, Nora Aranberri, Maxux Aranzabe, Olatz Arregi, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza, Izaskun Etxeberria, Gorka Labaka, Kepa Sarasola, Ruben Urizar

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